PaulWLBeing from Liverpool its obviously got to be the fab 4 – The LAs! Oh and the Beatles…
First found musical joy in the Scouts, thats an organisation not a band. No1 crop and Clash T shirt….Kirkbys first punk Scout! The Jam at school when the mod revival was on and then headlong into The Smiths, Bunnymen and electro. Now Elbow, I Am Kloot, Zero 7 and Foo Fighters to name a few.

Tech stuff

No gear and still no idea. Keep it simple stupid as the bass player said, so Semi-Acoustic Harmony electric, VOX Valvatronic amp (Noisy bugger!) Distortion and Boss Super Chorus. Few plectrums and positive thought.

Fave Contenders songs

Going Underground, Born to Run, Angel Of Harlem and Killing Moon (oh we dont do that do we…)

1st song learned

On guitar I’m afraid it was Apache then Cavatina (my own version) followed by a cluster of Rock and Roll classics to play live at a mates 16th! Supported by a Human League style synth outfit! Good party.

Claim to musical fame

Met Stewart Copeland in the VIP bar at Stone Roses gig and had no idea who he was until somebody told me! Completely ignored him telling me about the good times he had in this band he was in in the 70s and 80s!!.

Liverpool FC, and Liverpool the city! Jake (the Grommet to my Wallace) Playing songs straight off without rehearsal or comparing notes and nailing it first time..what a buzz. And Sprouts, anti-band thing!


Manchester United, their supporters and Alex Ferguson, besides that live and let live I suppose.


Lapsed Catholic, once a Papal steward (Thats as in the pope, not PayPal) – thats not a band either it was a honor bestowed upon me by my mum!! Thanks mum!

Favourite Colour