HuwELargeToo many to mention but  John Bon Jovi, Kelly Jones, Don Henley and Bobby Darin float my boat!
Started singing into a Mira shower head some time in infant school. Having done numerous gigs in various bathrooms across the UK, I discovered Karaoke whilst on holiday with the boys in lanzarote (1989).
Mack the Knife quickly became my party piece, along with Don’t You Forget about Me (simple Minds) and Love Shack (B52s)!!
A few years on, and I manged to get hold of the mic for a gig in Swansea Marriott with the Mumbles famous band Take This Y.B and enjoyed so much I didn’t give it back resulting in the birth of The Contenders and well, as they say, the rest is history!

Tech stuff

Not fussy really,but I do love my new Sure PGX/PG58 radio mic. Any percussion I can lay my hands on.

Fave Contenders songs

Born to Run, Angel Of Harlem and Wherever You Will Go (The Calling)

1st song learned

Not sure, but 1st song performed live with a proper band was Girl You Really got me (Van Halen version) in the school Eisteddfod circa 1984.

Claim to musical fame

Perfomed Mack The Knife to a sell out crowd in L.A (Lower Afod, Swansea) and a few years ago the Jazz n Blues gig in Mumbles Yacht Club-What a fantastically bonkers night. Oh , I almost forgot ALMOST playing on the Yacht Club roof every summer (not).


Claire, Caitlin and Callum, my mic and my phone (according to my wife anyway). Also breaking microphone stands!


Stupid people and my day job


Rugby Union